Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 12, 2009

(typing one handed sorry)

I went to the er yesterday morning and gpt admitted by the er dreven though the obs made it very clear they didn't see the point to me being there.

Anyway, the bleeding in my uterus is worse and causing my so much pain. I couldn't move or even touch my stomach. The er dr wanted me to be watched because it is building up inside me and not coming out and the obs thought I should have been sent home and told to take tylenol and not even put on bed rest because I wasn't bleeding out. Well one of the obs told me that all they could do was give me pain pills (that weren't working for more then if I didn't move at all) or terminate the pregnancy. So because I wouldn't terminate I was sent home with pills. Never mind that they only way the pills worked at all was I was taking 2 every 3 1/2 to 4 hours and they only gave me 20 pills! Yea, I wonder how long those are going to last.

Stupid insensitive people. Oh and the ob told me that if the pain gets worse it means the bleeding is worse and will need to be checked. Well the pain got worse and so her solution was to deal or terminate. I don't understand why they can't just do something like an amnio and remove some of the blood to make it let up a little for a minute, but no. Either I deal or terminate.