Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Makenna's Birth Story

I went to my dr appointment on Sept 29th at 10:40 AM. I had an NST the Thursday before and they had wanted me to come back on Mon Sept 28th for another one because of high BP so I went to that one. On Fri at about 9-10 PM I started having contractions that were between 3-10 min apart and vary in pain and I'd noticed she wasn't moving very much on Mon morning and hadn't been since Fri. Well I called my Drs office on the way to the NST and told them what was going on so they knew. So I go to the NST and everything looks fine except my BP which is still high and it went up while I was there instead of going down like it normally does. So they send me home and the next morning I'm off to my dr and I'm texting DH the whole way about not wanting to go because I'm sure he will tell me to just hang in there for another week or more and I don't want to go through all the trouble and pain of going to the dr 2-3 times a week just to have her late. So I get to the dr and get in and my bp is still high and he tells me that he is worried about them and he is at the hospital all night so he is going to call and get me in right now! He said something to me about having this baby today and I responded with "TODAY today?" LOL So I'm texting DH and my aunt and everyone and getting dressed and heading into his office. The hosital is just across the street so there is no way I can sneak home or anything so it was a good thing I had finished packing my hospital bag right before I left that morning.

So I go over and I know I have to wait a little while for DH to get there and they get me hooked up and the pitocin started and I was so excited that I didn't even care how much it hurt for several hours. I was all hooked up and started at 11:33 AM (at least that is when I texted DH to tell him I was anyway) It was after 2 pm before DH got up there because of having to wait for my aunt to get home to be with the boys and taking the buses up to the hospital. I was slowly moving along and doing pretty good. I was at 3 CM when another dr came in to break my water. He was so rough with it! I had to make him stop because it felt like he was ripping my insides out! He was scratching me with the hook and everything! I thought that would be the worst thing I had ever gone through having a baby (famous last words right?) So later I feel a gush of fluid. My water has never broke on it's own so I'm thinking this has got to be it! I called the nurse in and nope. It wasn't my water. It was blood. (start my flash back right about now to having Jay) the nurse keeps checking me and her hand comes out covered in blood. Thankfully my dr had just gone on call and was at the desk when she went to go call him so he came in and checked me and broke my water. After he had done that I noticed he had blood up to almost his elbow. So I'm freaking out. The nurse is telling me that every thing is fine it's probably jsut from the first dr trying to break my water because he was so rough about it (even she noticed what does that tell you?) I had been planning to go without an epidural but I'm so afraid for my baby I get one just in case I have to go for a c-section. At this point it's about 5 PM and I'm at maybe 4 CM. So I get the epidural and I'm trying to stay calm which is very hard as Makenna doesn't want to stay on the monitor and hasn't sense we got there. At about 7 PM I start to feel this sharp pain in the front right above the hair line. I rolled to the other side to see if myabe the epidural was wearing off on that side but it didn't get better, only worse. I put pressure on that spot and it created a pushing feeling with the contractions. I pushed the button for the epidural to make sure I had enough going in and decided her head must be stuck there. The nurse came in to check me and at 7:15 I was barely 5 CM and still 70%. She found Makenna and within a matter of minutes we lost her on the monitor again so at 7:30 the nurse is back to check me again. By this time the pain in the front has stopped and I feel like pushing but that had been going on and off the whole time so I wasn't thinking too much about it. So she checks me and sure enough Makenna is ready to come out. Normally they have to reach and try really hard to find my cervix but the nurse barely put her hand in to check and was like "yep she's right there" My dr had just gone into a c-section though so I was told to just wait and try to not push because it would be probably like 45 min before he was done. Ok great. So at 7:50 my dr comes in and they rush to get the room ready. So they get everything done and have me all ready to go and my dr checks me and says that he doesn't think we need to wait for a contraction so for me to jsut give a push. It took half a push and he head was out. Another half a push and out came the rest of her. There was one nurse holding one leg and DH holding my other and the nurse that had been helping me all day was standing by DH. Well Makenna came so fast the nurse by DH says "oh she's already out?" lol She weighed in at 6 lb 3 oz and 20 in long.

The first thing I remember hearing DH say was that she was all girl a few times =)

After that we went over to PP and were hanging out. Everything went great, I felt great and didn't even feel like I'd had a baby. The nurses thought it was amazing I could move around so well so fast too. (TMI ALERT) So at midnight I got up to go to the bathroom so we could head to bed and I stood up and walked 3 steps to the bathroom and fel a HUGE gush that didn't want to stop. It was so bad I had blood running down my leg and all over the floor. At first I was like "ok I was laying down too long but it's no big deal I'll jsut clean up" then I pulled down my underwear to sit down and the pad was full of clots bigger then golf balls. I sat down and had more gushes into the toliet. I freaked out and had DH call the nurse. She came in a was telling me that it was normal and that it was just from me sitting down so long without getting up. In my heart I knew that it wasn't normal but she wouldn't listen. Well I walked back to bed with another gush (she took more clots out of the pad when I layed down) and every time I moved I would have more gushes and clots come out. In an hour I had soaked the pad I had on so she got me another one and took it to weigh jsut to be safe. I got up to go to the bathroom to make sure my bladder was empty (like she asked) and I filled another pad with clots and filled the toliet too. By this point I was so lightheaded I just stayed there. Dh was sleeping and I couldn't get him to wake up by calling his name so I waited for the nurse. At this point she decided I needed to stay in bed so she got some pills to try to stop the bleeding (had to go in rectally and are the same thing as what is use to rippen the cervix to start labor) she said they would work fast and she would be back in about 15 min to see if they worked and to put in a cath. Well it didn't stop so she called my dr in. By this point I had thrown something at DH to wake him up and make him be with me as I'm so scared. They come in with the cath and I'm shaking hard and I can't stop. They try to put warm blankets on me while doing the cath but it's not helping. My dr comes in and he tells me that he knows they got everything out because he reached his hand into my uterus while I had the epidural to make sure. He then tells me that he is going to have to reach inside me again and that he knows it will hurt really bad and he is sorry. So it took DH and a nurse and the dr holding my down while I'm screaming and begging him to stop so he can do this. When he is done I'm so out of it I don't remember much other then wishing I would just pass out so it didn't hurt anymore. They wet through and had to give me another IV before doing this as they had taken mine out hours before as it's now 4 AM. The dr started me on pitocin again and pushed IV fluids as well as blood tests to see if I needed a transfusion because I had lost so much blood. I remember after everyone had left the room laying there thinking I was going to die or need a hystorectomy (as that was the next step if it continued) I was so afraid I was going to die. I layed there half able to answer the questions I was asked (stuff like if I wanted to sit up or stay laying down) I'm sure a part of that was all the pain meds they were giving me as they had given me the max of percocet, motrin, and morphine as well as another shot that was to help my uterus contract along with the pitocin and the original pills they gave me. I'm sure I wasn't making much sense as I cried to my DH about not letting them beat me up again and making him promise and I know I scared him as I told him I knew I had to live through all of it but I wasn't sure if I had enough fight left to do it after the last 2 was so terrible....I didn't really sleep more then a few minutes at a time for the next 2-3 hours. Part of that was becuase I had to be checked so often and part of it was fear of going to sleep and not waking up. The nurses took Makenna to the nursery for us so we didn't have to try to take care of her while I couldn't move. Not only did they not wnat me to move but my insides were bruised all the way to my rib cage after everything. The next morning my bp was still high but the bleeding was under control so my dr told me that I would be able to leave the next day but not that day (which I already guessed at) He told me that while the labs showed very low blood count it wasn't low enough to risk a trasfusion so he was going to give me iron pills to take home and that it would take me 2-3 weeks to feel normal again. I spent most of the day in and out of sleep wishing to forget. He did tell me again how sorry he was over and over and how much he hated it but he didn't want to do surgery if he could help it as that would have been a longer recovery and even worse side effects.a

That night Makenna gave the nurses a scare of her own. They were checking her heart rate and it was high so they took her to watch her and they got her hooked up and she was normal so they watched her for about an hour before bringing her back and she was just fine. They think it was because her and I were laying together for a few hours and it had raised both our body temps or that she was having a bad dream.

So anyway, we got home yesterday afternoon and she has hardly been put down since. The boys fight over who gets to hold her and feed her. I'm doing ok although more tired then I thought was possible and my feet are swollen to the point of pain from all the IV fliuds they pumped into me in 2-3 hours after the blood loss. My dr told me that could take 2-3 weeks to go away too. Great..